My dog steals socks and poops Rainbows

It’s a true story.

I hope this makes you laugh as much as my heart laughed!

On cue, in the midst of Charnell and I, working through some real rawness and tears this week, Poppy entered my little house carrying a stolen sock.  Very proud of her accomplishments.  Head up and beaming.

What a great reminder she is for me:  That in the darkness there is always something to put your head up for again. Even if it’s a little mischief.

We managed to negotiate a truce with Pops – an exchange of one of my rainbow socks (I have a lot of strange things left over from the theatre shows I run) for the Neighbor’s stolen sock.  Victory!  Now all I had to do was wash it and return it.

Poppy in the meantime had taken a shine to the rainbow sock and promptly ate and swallowed half of one!  It was an unbelievably anxious wait for me until the next morning when this little girl pooped it out.  That image will live with me for the rest of my life.

I have no words to tell you how much I laughed when this rainbow sock appeared again and even less words to describe my relief! I had spent all night wondering how to explain to the vet my dog poops Rainbows or worse: that the rainbow got stuck!

Poppy reminds me every day to find something unexpectedly big (or small) and beautiful and just laugh.

Clearly though, I’m going to have to get healthier things for her to chew on.

Importantly Pops also stood up for me this week.  We were out on a walk together when she recognized a bad energy in a man on the street and immediately started growling at him.  I knew immediately that if she didn’t like him, his intentions were most probably not great and she was protecting me.

I celebrate this as a real milestone for the both of us.  She had sensed that energy before I had, and she was protecting me from it.

Charnell and I started working with Emotional Freedom Technique counselling this week.  I opened up (for the first time) to a lot of facing fears and delving into places I’d rather not look at.  I won’t lie, it is emotionally draining but it does leave me with a real sense that healing is indeed possible!  I feel that in my body already.

A very real sense of being lighter.  Who knew tears could do that?!

It’s about realizing that I don’t have to carry these deep wounds with me for the rest of my life.  I can release them in a safe place so that they are no longer in control.  And I can come back from that darkness.

One very big giant brave step forward. 

These last 3 weeks have flown by.  I’m winning slowly with teaching Poppy new things.  Probably not as successfully as Daniel would like me to but I’m not upset by that at all.  It’s been an adjustment for the both of us and today my heart is just proud.

  • Proud of this rapidly growing girl that makes me laugh out loud.
  • Proud of my cats for slowly coming around to this crazy, beautiful doggie.
  • Proud of myself for actively doing things to make myself stronger.
  • Proud of rainbows, socks, muddy paw prints and healing.


Love Tina