Husky Rescue

Rescue Abused / Abandoned Huskies

All huskies that come into HRKZN are sterilised, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped before adoption.

Following legal routes we will negotiate a voluntary handover from a bad situation, or if necessary report it to the SPCA or SAPS for a formal confiscation.

Re Homing

We assist Husky owners to Re-Home their pets instead of abandoning them for whatever reason. We maintain a list of Huskies needing new homes and try through our networks to find suitable homes.


Every Husky deserves to live in a loving and stress free home, with good access to shelter, food and water. therefore this Adoption Form is long as we gather all the information required to make a judgement call on your suitability. Huskies in good homes is more important to us than anything. These Huskies have had a tough life so far and we want to ensure they have a great life from here onward.

Virtual Adoption

YOU can now Virtually Adopt one or more of these loving Furballs and make their last years as comfortable as possible. You could even offer the adoption as a commemorative gesture in someone else’s name.

Public Education

We visit schools, clubs, businesses, markets and anywhere else where we can educate the public about Huskies, as well as arranging regular open days to walk the Huskies.

Success Stories

We have had many success stories with happy endings. You can read some of them here.