Holistic Health & Heart

As people we have the innate ability to heal ourselves – we just don’t tap into that gift well enough! Animals have been given the most important gift on this planet – the one of unconditional love!  And that unconditional love is the key to unlocking our ability to self-heal!

Have you experienced a trauma – or several – that has you locked up in a space of deep depression and anxiety? Has your mind and body fallen into the well of despair and post-traumatic stress as a result of unprocessed shock and bad memories?

Do you know there is a way out of that well?

Counselling through Animal Assisted Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique are two unique but highly effective therapies to help you process and come to terms with bad experiences, regain your self-worth, self-confidence and ultimately your freedom to enter life again with strength and enthusiasm.

They are both proven to produce long lasting effective results in re-inventing yourself!

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique not only benefits people, it benefits animals too. This is an amazing energy healing tool that works on the amygdala of the brain. The center in our brain that process our flight or fight response to a stressful event. When we don’t process our reactions to these events properly, our energy gets stuck here. EFT works on unblocking that ‘stuck’ energy thus allowing our energy to flow smoothly and naturally again along our meridian pathways. All emotions can be worked with using EFT – stress, anxiety, fear, phobias and PTSD.

Craniosacral Therapy

I also offer Craniosacral Therapy. CST is a light touch whole body treatment technique working on the body’s craniosacral system. It supports and nourishes the central nervous system. It brings about a deep sense of relaxation and can assist in releasing energy blockages that exist through trauma, injuries, surgeries etc. This can also produce profound positive changes in the body.