Charnell Ruth

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Charnell Ruth tells us how looking after rescued Siberian Huskies and training for a dryland sledding event gave her reason to push through breast cancer treatment and come out on top.


Charnell Ruth (47) lives in Cato Ridge, Kwa-Zulu Natal with her parents. She is mother to an average of 50 Huskies at any given time. Five of those are her own dogs. 

The Lebanon ARROHHH

By the time Charnell was diagnosed with Stage 3 oestrogen-dependant breast cancer, in March 2011, she had been running The Lebanon ARROHHH, trading as Husky Rescue KZN, for two years. 

As a registered nurse with compassion for people suffering from mental illness, a passion for a unique and misunderstood breed (Siberian Huskies), and a strong belief in the benefits of animal assisted therapy, she established her non-profit organisation.

The NPO’s two areas of focus are: Husky Rescue KZN – a welfare organisation focussing on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of unwanted and abandoned Siberian Huskies. 

Then, secondly: Animal Assisted Activity Programs – using rescued animals (Huskies and horses) in therapy, to work with people from vulnerable groups as well as those suffering from mental illness, such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. Until recently, Husky Rescue KZN has been the main project.

Making treatment work for her

Being a state patient, Charnell was given her diagnosis two months after her mammogram and ultrasound were done. The doctor’s planned path of treatment was to do a mastectomy first, followed by chemo and then radiation. 

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I am passionate about people and animals and I truly believe in the value of counselling through EFT and AAT.

I am a registered nurse of 25 years, and the two medical areas I am most passionate about is psychiatry and emergency medicine. As a nurse, you cross paths with broken people in both these areas all the time. For me it is almost more important to help a broken heart than it is a help a broken bone! Bones heal on their own – hearts need help.

I have experienced the positive effects of Animal Assisted Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique myself, so speak from my own experience when helping others – I have survived breast cancer!

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