Welcome to The Lebanon ARROHHH,

ARROHHH (pronounced Arrow) stands for Association for the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Humans Huskies and Horses and Lebanon means White Mountain.

Established in 2009, by founding member and CEO Charnell Ruth, we are a registered NPO and PBO in South Africa with a vision of empowering the mentally ill and vulnerable through Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy Programs.

Our goal is to develop a working farm which can house people from vulnerable groups such as victims of Domestic Violence, Youth at Risk and those suffering from mental illness for a period of time while they undergo counselling and motivational and empowering programs in order to assist them to function normally in society again.

ARROHHH incorporates 4 areas:

  • Animal Assisted Therapy which includes Animal Assisted Counselling 
  • Animal Assisted Activities
  • Holistic Health and Heart
  • Husky Rescue KZN

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Counselling for those suffering from Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

Animal Assisted Activities

Leadership and Team building Programs; Husky Office Visit to improve mood, morale and productivity, Husky Assisted Remedial Reading Program.

Holistic Health and Heart

Alternative & holistic health service in Cato Ridge, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Husky Rescue KZN

Rescuing stray and unwanted Huskies, rehoming and adoption. Monthly get to know Huskies walks for all.

The Lebanon ARROHHH

Association for the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Humans Huskies & Horses


ARRROHHH Animal Assisted Activates and Therapy,

Husky Rescue KZN and Holistic Health and Heart.

NPO  077-637 / PBO 930031765